• Installation and maintenance of all manner of cartridge collectors and baghouse systems throughout southern California
  • One man inspections and troubleshooting to help our customers reduce costs. Why pay for two men!
  • Air Pollution Compliance (APC) inspections
    • An APC inspection is a thorough check of all components, system performance, and final exhaust to atmosphere, to ensure it is running leak-free, mechanically correct and within the guidelines of your operating permit
  • MSHA certified and confined space trained with the required safety and monitoring equipment
  • We do repairs including total bag or cartridge change-outs with a labor force and rate in line with the required skill
  • We can use your employes for part or all of the labor force. This could be a huge money saver especially on labor intensive bag or cartridge change-outs. It will also give them experience for future repairs. Why pay more!
  • We can provide any welding, sheet metal, ducting, fan work, millwright or eiectricai services required
  • We are eager to prove how our company can be an asset to your’s

It’s been a pleasure working with Paul Lampkin of IDC Services. His years of experience has assisted us in design and installation of our vacuum systems. His technological recommendations has allowed us to assemble and maximize our requirements to ahieve the ultimate performance. Regardless of the scope of your job design IDC Services is a good fit on your team.

David W. Hansen

Hansen Steel Services ASAP