About Us

Industrial Dust Collection Services was founded and is operated by Paul Lampkin. Paul has worked in the cartridge collector & baghouse service industry for more than 45  years. He has gained a tremendous amount of experience and expertise from installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs.

Paul is familiar with all aspects of the business including pressure drops, system statics, air velocity, CFM, Air-To-Cloth ratios, fan curves, amp loads, cleaning cycles, temperature control, filter media etc., enabling him to see the “big picture” which often identifies a root cause problem that when addressed, allows the system to operate more efficiently and longer between repairs and total change-outs.

When Paul dropped in on a sales call, I mentioned our collector was failing to collect dusts at the pickups and hoods. He asked to take a look and within about an hour, the adjustments/repairs he made had the pickups drawing more air than they had for a long time and the ambient plant air was dust-free. Paul is the only person I will call if there are issues with our collector and recommend the same to anyone.
James Eichen

Huttig Building Products

Paul has helped me with many projects over the years. Whether it’s improving existing collectors or advising on system performance, his knowledge has proven spot-on 100% of the time. He is my go-to man with all things regarding dust collectors and I recommend him to anyone looking for the same.
Javier Naverrete

Mr. Sheetmetal